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This is where you can explore the imagination of author j. lea richardson. You will find the prologue of her first novel “Fairy Tainted” along with short stories nicknamed “Gnome Tales” which are supplemental to the Fairoria series a new line of stories COMING SOON as well as a new tangent of short stories!. You will also be able to see updates on publications, writing progress, any planned book tours, ect.

Fairy Tainted (A Fairoria Novel)

Life is sometimes tainted by our choices.

Elizabetha a young Fairy, the eldest of King Damon’s daughters is a newly appointed Protector of Peace replacing her mother. At just fourteen years of age, Elizabetha is the youngest to ever join the ranks as a Protector. Her job to maintain peace throughout Fairoria and the world.

The problem with being so young is you don’t always see the world the same way as your elders. Elizabetha soon discovers that things are not always black and white, what is traditionally considered good is not always good for all. Elizabetha finds herself torn between what is expected of her and what she feels is right. Caught up in her youth and inner turmoil she makes her own judgements for good or bad only time will tell.

Will her choices keep her in the light or turn her to the darkness?

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Gnome Tales: The Adventures of Hakala the Gnome

Life is difficult being the shortest recorded Gnome in history especially when your parents keep you  locked away in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

One day while tending to the family garden Hakala sees a handsome Gnome lad. It is the first Gnome outside of her family she has ever met. She needs to follow him.

Little does the lass know following this cute boy will lead her on a series of unexpected adventures and change her life forever all because she had a crush.

Join Hakala on her many adventures of self-discovery and near death as she learns why sometimes there is no place like home and a protected life is not always bad.

Available Exclusively on Amazon Kindle!

Sketch by j. lea richardson
Sketch by j. lea richardson
What is Fairoria you ask?
First definition
A magical Kingdom nestled against the Cliffs of the Majestica Sea, stretching throughout a vast portion of the Woodlands of Napian and the Meadow of Grace. It is also considered to be the high reigning kingdom over several sub-kingdoms of other creatures.
Second definition
A novel series currently being written by Minnesota, USA native  j. lea richardson